A New Morning Routine

4610115463_9ba329b26d_zThanks to a new, fun medication that has to be taken 30 minutes before breakfast, I found myself wandering the house this morning at 6:15 AM, unsure of what to do with the time between Now and Eating.
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When Leaning In ends in Dropping Out

14009391698_3ef93cf1ac_mThis summer, I tried something new: I joined a training group through my local running store.

I’m not new to running: I’ve been doing it off-and-on since I was seventeen, and consistently for the past six years.  I run for enjoyment, and I run for my mind: for strength and energy, and as an anti-depressant.

I consistently run 5K in 28 minutes. This spring, I did my first 10K and ran at almost the same pace. So it got me thinking: maybe I’m able to run faster, and my current pace is  just a habit.

When my local store offered a 6-week summer program, I signed up. It’ll be fun! I told myself. It’ll be like summer camp! Meet new people, try new things. Plus, I told myself that if I could run a faster 5K, I could train faster, get more out of my running, and perhaps even get closer to my goal of running a half marathon. For an engineer like me, efficiency is the ultimate temptation. Continue reading