Library Loot: Short Stories? Really?


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I don’t like short stories. Don’t like writing them, don’t like reading them. So why did I come home with two books of short stories this week?

The best worst part is that I’m really into the first one, Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs. The quality of her writing is so good – and I really needed a Mercy fix, since her next installment isn’t out until 2015.

I also picked up Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood – another new release of short stories by a favorite author.

No complaints here – I’m just surprised at how much I’m enjoying this week’s loot!

sshadow stonem

Do you have a favorite length for stories or books? Are there some that you avoid?


Liebster Award!

One of my favorite book bloggers, A Book and A Quilt, nominated me for a Liebster award! What this means is that I get to answer a series of really  lovely writing prompts.


1. What is the first book you remember reading?

I Can Do It Myself. It’s all about the things that Ernie (of Sesame Street fame) can do by himself. The dramatic ending is: I can read this book! I can do it myself! I still love a good ending. Continue reading