Library Loot: Audio to Print


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I’ve been on the road lately – too much – but a side benefit is that I have lots and lots of time for audio books.

Here’s what I want to explain to my local librarian (who probably doesn’t care): I am not actually listening to four 14-hour books per week. I listen to one book on the first two-hour leg of my journey, the analog to my 50-page rule when reading. If I like it, I continue for a total of four hours. Then I finish by reading the print copy I already have at home. If I don’t like it after 2 hours of listening, I just switch to another audio book for the return trip.

It’s a great way to winnow down my TBR pile while conserving precious reading hours.

So here are the audio books I’ve checked out this week – and yes, I have paper copies of all of these stacked up in my spare bedroom, waiting.

Falling Angels Enchantress from the Stars The Maze Runner The Beekeeper's Apprentice The Fortune Hunter In the Blood

What did you pick up this week?


Book Review: Special Topics in Calamity Physics

sptopicsFour things about Marisha Pessl’s debut novel, Special Topics in Calamity Physics:

1. I enjoyed the audio version more than the book itself (though I alternated between the two for the six weeks it took me to finish the book.) The reader makes the precocious narrator, Blue Van Meer, sound adorable instead of irritating – overblown metaphors and all.

2. Despite a message to the readers (disguised as a diatribe from one of the main characters) about how lazy it is to expect resolution and a known outcome at the end of a book or movie, I still don’t think it’s okay to write a 600 page novel where you don’t resolve all the subplots, throw out red herrings but never explain why they were there, and generally leave certain characters unresolved. Continue reading