Review: Yogafit Level 1 Training

yogafitI took a small step towards one of my life goals this year: becoming a yoga teacher.

In the past, I’ve considered signing up for various one-weekend-a-month teacher training programs, or two-week residencies. I loved the idea – still do – but it always seemed like a huge commitment of time and money for something I might not enjoy.

And I’m not looking for a change of career. Although I can see myself teaching yoga in retirement, this is really an interest that I want to develop, rather than a life calling.

I always overcomplicate things. After analyzing and researching and thinking for over a year, I asked my yoga teacher, and she recommended trying a Yogafit class.

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What I Loved in Blogs This Week

imageI want to write about things I love in my everyday life. But I want to read about them, too, and connect with other bloggers who are writing about the same topics. Although my blog reading, like my posts, is currently heavily slanted towards books, I did enjoy some really good posts in several of my favorite categories this week.


Adventures in Audio: Bookshelf Fantasies expressed her conversion to audiobook listener better than I ever did. Plus, there’s a great discussion going on in the comments section.

Career & Women in STEM

Barbie, Remixed: I (Really) Can be a Computer Engineer: A real life woman computer engineer rewrites a very demeaning Barbie book more to her liking. Oh, and Ken is a moron. (But we knew that already).


Review of Yogis Anonymous: Broke-Ass Yogi tries out an online yoga class subscription service, and lets us know how she liked it. (Spoiler: it sounds like she had the same problem I do with yoga videos – wussing out in the middle of a long sequence I don’t like.)


The False Gospel of Gender Binaries: Rachel Held Evans asks, “If Jesus started with the outliers, why wouldn’t we?”


Readers: What was your favorite blog post (not your own) from this week?