Celia’s House: Comfort Reading and Some Advice on Childbearing

I’ve been indulging in some comfort reading over Christmas Break. Celia’s House, by D.E. Stevenson, does a beautiful job of making me laugh, and avoids all the uncomfortable sorts of plot tension while still holding my attention.

Here’s some advice on childbearing and rearing from the titular Celia:

You should certainly have more children– not that I like children very much (I find them tiresome) but they grow up into people if you give them time. In my young days parents were not afraid to admit that they found their children tiresome. Now it is considered unnatural and yet people have fewer.

Readers: This is my first time reading Stevenson – which of her books should I try next?



4 thoughts on “Celia’s House: Comfort Reading and Some Advice on Childbearing

  1. I love that cover!! I really wish I could curl up and read all day today, because it’s gray and cloudy here, but unfortunately I’m determined to clean and organize my entire home this month… mainly so that I can re-organize all my books and bookshelves. 😉 Happy reading!

    • everydayhas says:

      I wish I would have scanned in my library book’s cover! It had a little girl with a goat cart on it. I waited THE WHOLE BOOK for the goat cart and it never came. So disappointing!! haha!

  2. This is your first time reading D.E. Stevenson?! Well, you’re in for a treat. I recommend Miss Buncle’s Book (and the sequel…to lazy to look up its title). It was recently reissued, but I read the old copy from my library. My absolute favorites were the Mrs. Tim books. There are four of them and they’re in journal form and narrated by Mrs. Tim, a middle-aged British army wife. I found them delightfully absorbing.

    • everydayhas says:

      Thank you! I need to start logging where I get recommendations – I don’t remember for sure on this one, but I probably got it from you originally 🙂 Definitely from the blogosphere somewhere. It was really good. I’ll try Miss Buncle’s Book next! Unfortunately my library doesn’t actually have ANY DE Stevenson but luckily they do have a regional library system which is not as klunky as doing an ILL, and I can get them that way.

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