Top Ten Tuesday: New-to-Me Authors

toptentuesdayThere’s nothing better than discovering an established author whose work you really love. Then her whole backlist, or maybe even a completed series, is waiting just for you to come along and read it.

So for Top Ten Tuesday this week, since we’ve been challenged by The Broke and the Bookish through this fabulous meme to list our favorite new authors for 2014, I’m going to share five new-to-me authors. I hope you have fun discovering one or more of them. And if you’ve read more of their backlist than I have, please comment and tell me where to go next!

5. Tracy Madison

I don’t read much romance – especially not series romance. But when I picked up Taste of Magic by Tracy Madison, I knew I had a book that both my sister and I could enjoy. By extension, that means almost anyone would like it. There’s gypsy magic, so I get my fantasy fix, but there’s also some very satisfying ex-husband revenge and a whole lot of dessert. I immediately read the follow-up, Stroke of Magic, and plan to read more by this author whenever I’m in the mood for… well, dessert.

4. Cleo Coyle

I also don’t read many cozy mysteries, but I love coffee, and On What Grounds by Cleo Coyle does a wonderful job of evoking the daily life of a coffeehouse while also developing a light mystery plot with a little romance. Her follow up book, Through The Grinder, was actually an improvement on the first one. The only drawback was an ongoing and ambiguous love triangle. Since the series just published its fourteenth book, I’m guessing the author resolved that problem somewhere along the way.

3. Rumer Godden

My library copy of A Fugue In Time was the original 1945 edition, with an interesting note from the publisher about wartime paper shortages. It felt very up-to-date and feminist, but was also very clearly from a different time and place. Rumer Godden has a large backlist of adult fiction, including her most famous work, Black Narcissus, and is also known for writing children’s literature.

2. Josephine Tey

The Daughter of Time is a detective story with a limited viewpoint: the detective is hospitalized, and decides to solve the mystery of what happened to the princes in the Tower of London. I loved the idea that a modern-day detective could solve a historical mystery. This book is actually fifth in the Alan Grant series, but that didn’t bother me at all. Josephine Tey was a Scottish author and playwright who lived and wrote during the first half of the twentieth century.

1. Sylvia Engdahl

I read a lot of YA fantasy and science fiction, but almost all of it was written in the last five years. Sylvia Engdahl has been publishing since the 1970s, and is still an active YA and adult writer today. I just reviewed her Newbery Medal book Enchantress from the Stars, and I also have This Star Shall Abide in my TBR pile.

Bonus round! Authors 1, 2, and 3 above were recommended to me by Jo Walton via Among Others (fiction, but contains a lot of book recommendations) and What Makes This Book So Great (nonfiction collection of essays about her favorite books). Although I haven’t liked all of her recommendations, she’s pointed me towards some really excellent reads in many different genres. If you find my above suggestions interesting, you should read one or both of her books.

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