The Pre-Bookshelf Project

After years of drooling over built-in bookshelves in books, blogs, and friends’ homes, we’re actually working on a bookshelf project for our living room.

Okay, it’s going to be an Ikea hack… but it still counts!

I’m most excited about moving – and organizing! – my books, which are currently crammed into a small bookshelf, two sets of cubes, and generally stacked up in random locations.image

It’s not time for that yet (more posts on bookshelf organization later!) but while we’re in planning and construction mode, I’d like to finish as many of my never-before-read books as possible. If my usual success rate is 25%, then I’ll be able to get rid of around 50 books before the big move.

Of course, I have to actually read the books first.

So what’s the best way to approach this problem?

  1. Follow my usual rule of “read the good books first” – keeping my reading speed up by staying enthusiastic
  2. Read the ones I think will be bad first, since DNFs take less time per book?
  3. Start with the ones that are wishlisted on, so that I can get them out of the house NOW?
  4. Start with the ones that are NOT wishlisted on, so that I can list them and start the FIFO wait?

Too many choices! So, for now, my reading shortlist is:

  • The Goldfinch – a library book that I need to finish in time for a book club meeting next week
  • The Masterharper of Pern by Anne McCaffrey – just because I am on a Pern kick. I guess that’s reason #1.
  • Bless the Bride by Rhys Bowen – reason #4, above, and a favorite author.
  • Young Pioneers by Rose Wilder Lane – reason #3, above
  • What I Love About You by Rachel Gibson – because I want to give it to my sister in November.

That leaves 50+ unread books laying around the house!! Hopefully I can get to them soon. Readers, I’d love to hear your strategies for cleaning up a backlist.


2 thoughts on “The Pre-Bookshelf Project

  1. Hey, Ikea bookshelf hacks still count as putting in new bookshelves. 🙂 I love my Ikea bookshelves. Yes, they look ever so slightly like a college student, but they work well and were cheaper than any other option. And they’re surprisingly stable! I remember when we moved all of our books in- so much fun to unpack those huge boxes! I got so much reading done after that.

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