A Crocheter Learns to Knit

100_0634Big news: I finally did it!! I learned to knit!!

On this, my third attempt, I tried something new: continental style knitting. You can read all over the internet that continental style is easier for crocheters than the more common English style, but apparently I missed that memo the first two times around.

It’s easier for two reasons:

1. You hold and tension the yarn with the left hand, while doing most of the ‘work’ with the right. This feels natural to someone who already crochets, but apparently gives English style knitters fits.

2. You are inserting your knitting needle into the work, picking up the yarn, and drawing it through the loop. Sound familiar? It’s essentially the same basic motion you use for crochet.

Most of the people who recommend continental style knitting to crocheters seem to be focused on the first point, but for me, the second point was the more important one. “Picking”, or pulling up a loop with your needle, really clicked with me. The alternative is using your hand to wrap the yarn around the needle in English style knitting.

The only drawback to Continental style is that most of your knitting friends won’t know how to do it, and resources are scarce. I loved KnittingHelp.com for this – the site contains tons of videos on continental style knitting, including how to fix mistakes.

What do you think, fiber-y friends? Have you tried to learn knitting as a crocheter, or vice versa? What worked for you?



6 thoughts on “A Crocheter Learns to Knit

  1. Never heard of this style, but looove the look of the piece you created.
    I’m a crocheter turn knitter, turned crocheter. It all depends on my mood, but I have the two skills very separate in my head. Not sure how I’d cope with continental style knitting…

  2. Eep! So exciting! I’m glad you’ve finally come over to the dark side of fiber 🙂 Now I really must teach myself to crochet. And you’re knitting continental? That’s great! I knit both ways, but since I first learned English style, that’s what I am most proficient in.

    • everydayhas says:

      Lol!! Yes, I resisted knitting for years, in one form or another. I don’t know from experience, but I imagine crochet would be easy to pick up if you already knit…. or does it seem that way because knitting is harder for me right now?

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