A Stitchfix Alternative

I wanted to love Stitch Fix. I really did. I recieved two fixes, and… well… this blog is about things I love, not things I dislike. So we’ll just leave it there.

I started thinking about the aspects of Stitchfix that attracted me. I liked the surprise, the easy returns, and having five choices. I liked the distribution of items: typically 3 tops, a pair of pants or a skirt, and an accessory. Overall, I liked the feeling of rounding out my wardrobe a few items at a time. And, especially, I liked not having to go shopping.

So, even though Stitchfix didn’t work for me, I decided I could capture most of the benefits by designing my own box. I started with Land’s End, and picked five items without getting into the analytical detail that adds stress to shopping. I tried to stick to the same distribution of items, although I did include a pair of shoes in my box. And I told myself – FIRMLY – that returns were allowed. I would only keep the items I really loved.

Although I missed the surprise element, I still felt excited when opening my box, and I liked the manageability of only trying on 5 items. All of them would technically work, but I kept two items: a long necklace and a shirt.

leshirt necklace

Returns were easy enough: For about $7, I used the provided return label and stuck the package in my mailbox. Although Stitchfix returns were free, the Lands End merchandise was less expensive overall, so I just added that $7 mentally to the price of the items I kept. Still reasonable.

Overall, a success! Although it might sound silly (ordering clothes from a catalog is not a new concept) I think this approach will really help me to maintain my professional wardrobe with minimal stress. I plan to set up one box per month, from different retailers. Maybe I’ll try Modcloth next month. Readers, what are your suggestions?


2 thoughts on “A Stitchfix Alternative

  1. I had the same experience. I wasn’t liking what I was getting in my Stitch Fixes, so I decided to make my own via ModCloth and Zappos (both of which have free shipping). MUCH better success rate. If you already have your own sense of style and of what looks good on your body, it really does make sense just to do your own shopping. Also, ModCloth has a lot of the exact same items as Stitch Fix but for cheaper prices.

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